About Us

Jetclass Group’s dynamism and entrepreneurship led up to the release of
Shape&Form in 2018.
The head office of the company is located in the major furniture industry region of Portugal, more precisely in the city of Valongo, Porto district. With a surface of 10.000 square meters, the headquarters comprises a productive area of 7.000 square meters where multifaceted and specialized professionals of upholstery operate.

The Beginning

Since always surrounded by the design and furniture world, Iolanda Moreira combined the passion and the will to win with the knowledge acquired over time and established one brand in her likeness: young and bold. As an integral part of the group, her inherent ambition and determination led her to study the market and identify the opportunity: to succeed in the upholstery area. Thus Shape&Form is born. The aim is to transform it into an exporting company with a standard of quality and excellence recognizable by the clients in any part of the world.

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